Friday, December 3, 2010


Destination at Waterfront Place was commissioned as part of the Beacon Cove development. The original design included a lighting system along its steel keel section that lit up at night. These lights had ceased to work and Orchard Design Studio [the original designers] was contracted in June to replace the fibre optic cables allowing the work to return to its original intent.
At night the light changes colour every few minutes. The light makes more of a mystery of this work.
I ponder how much this work, with its very fitting name, is part of my every day and yet I seldom pause to look at it. It's not located in a good pausing place. If you have taken or could take a better photo than this one, I'd love to see it.
Perhaps next time you pass have a look at the detail of the work and the way it represents the many ships which have berthed at Station Pier. Click here to read more of Orchard Studio's philosophy and writings. By way of introduction: 'Some of the established cultures we admire most from the past are those who have successfully harnessed the creative talents of their visual artists and together with the civic, cultural or spiritual leaders left clear evidence of their partnership and shared vision through the building of public monuments which are still admired thousands of years after they were built.' Orchard Studio

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