Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Council meeting of the year - and its in Port

The final Port Phillip Council meeting for 2010 will be held at Port Town Hall at 6 pm. Items on the [21 item!] agenda that might interest you include:

  • Toward Zero and Environmental Programs Annual Progress Report - which shows a 28.2% decrease in Council's greenhouse gas emissions since 1996, and a 10.7% decrease compared to 2008/09
  • Proposed trial of Pedicabs - the report recommends trialling the scheme for 6 months
  • Open Space Water Management Plan - proposed for adoption as it has been out for extended consultation. The Plan anticipates and plans for the future irrigation needs of open space and aims to achieve 50% of ideal irrigation demand from non potable water sources by 2020
  • Amendment C62 Revised Local Planning Policy Framework - recommended for adoption, and subsequent submission for approval to the Minister for Planning following an extended exhibition and consultation process
  • [Draft] City of Port Phillip Gambling Policy - to be adopted for consultation
To read the full agenda and any of the reports going to Council, click here

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