Friday, May 6, 2011

Beacon Cove

Now that Beacon Cove is well and truly complete, planning control for the residential areas is in the process of being transferred to the City of Port Phillip through Planning Amendment C73. The amendment translates the existing covenants into planning controls. This means that when people want to modify a property in the future, they will apply to the City of Port Phillip for planning permission - rather than to Mirvac as has been the case. In the early phase of consultation, people reported a very high degree of commitment to the nature and character of the Beacon Cove housing estate, and therefore the controls seek to maintain that character. It is really important that people living in Beacon Cove who may have received a letter about Amendment C73 from the Council, and want more information, understanding or clarification, to ring the numbers given on that correspondence. Submissions on the amendment can be made by following the links on This amendment does not include 1 - 11 Waterfront Place, or the restaurant areas at Waterfront Place.

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