Monday, May 23, 2011

Sustainable Transport Framework Introduction

The vision is for a connected and liveable city where residents, visitors and workers can live and travel car free by improving the convenience, safety, accessibility and range of sustainable travel choices across our city.
You can access a survey and further information about the policies here
The vision is supported by four principles

  • Ensure Priority - The Council will give preference to, and right of way to, sustainable transport modes in terms of allocating time, space and facilities, guided by Council's Road User Hierarchy* [Here is an example of an intervention in favour of pedestrians at Clark/Poolman]

  • Increased integration - The Council will strive to achieve a city where places are interlinked through walking, bike riding and public transport routes that are efficient, direct, attractive and competitive

  • Improve safety and accessibility - Council will work to provide conditions which allow people of all abilities to feel safer using our streets and sustainable transport options

  • Raise profile - the Council will strive to raise the profile of walking, bike riding and public transport and the benefits of these transport modes through the provision of information, facilities and active promotion to drive change in travel behaviour
* The road user hierarchy, in order of priority is: walking, bike riding, public transport, freight, multiple occupancy vehicles, single occupancy vehicles

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