Monday, May 30, 2011

Draft Bike Plan: Make bike riding better in Port Phillip

The bike plan is one component of the Sustainable Transport Framework. Some figures: most bike trips by Port Philip residents are between 2 and 5 kms in length. Just over 5% of people riding into the Melbourne CBD are from Port Phillip. [Of course, not all cycle commuters are heading to the CBD.]
The bike plan has four goals:

  • enhanced bike riding infrastructure: on and off road, and better links between them

  • integrating bike riding through providing for bike riding at origins and destinations and linking with other sustainable transport modes

  • changing travel behaviour

  • creating a bike riding culture through working with others, and improving coordination across council, and raising the profile of cycling

There is more detail at What is important to you as a cyclist, and where would you like to see the Council make a difference? Bike symbols were stencilled onto the bike path at Sandridge this morning.

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