Saturday, May 14, 2011

Naval Drill Hall - Circus Oz at 40 Bay St

Following the recent announcement in the state budget of funding for Circus Oz's move to Collingwood, people have been inquiring about the planning controls for this site.

  • The building is on the Victorian Heritage Register [Ref No H1378] - which means that a planning permit would be required for any demolition and/or development from Heritage Victoria.

  • The site is located in the Mixed Use Zone [MUZ] of Port Melbourne and is covered by a heritage overlay and a range of other development controls

  • With the exception of the north east corner, the site is covered by DDO1-2B which permits an absolute maximum height of 4 storeys on this site. The remaining small section to the north east has a height limit of 6 storeys although this would be virtually impossible to achieve on the site given the heritage constraints

  • All this suggests that any new development would have to work pretty much within the existing building - though some new openings may be appropriate

  • There are no current planning permit applications for the site

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