Saturday, May 14, 2011

Draft Budget 2011/12, 3: Sustainability and Climate Change

The proposed budget has a strong focus on sustainability as outlined in the Council Plan 2009 - 2013

Capital projects

  • Environmental building retrofits [$500k] to improve the energy efficiency of council buildings to reduce energy consumption permanently

  • Drainage renewal programme [$845k]

  • Reducing heat island effect [$200k] - the city can be up to 7 degrees warmer than the rest of Melbourne. More vegetation and alternative building materials can reduce this effect

  • Irrigation system renewals [ $650k] to be able to manage captured storm water

  • Street lighting renewals to more sustainable fittings [ $500k] - we've done our houses - now the streets

  • Public place recycling [$50k] - members of the community expect this service

[Some] Other initiatives

  • Managing buildings for greater energy efficiency [$85k]

  • Creating sustainable owners corporations and apartment blocks [$100k]

  • CitySwitch - Council participation in national commerical office energy efficiency program [$15k]

  • Implement the climate change adaptation plan [$190k]

  • Tomorrow's Leaders - an integrated programme of educational, practical projects and leadership activities delivered ins chools to help young people understand the key principles and issues in sustainability [$20k

  • Increasing resource recovery options at the Resource Recovery Centre [$50k]

For the full list of proposed initiatives to be funded, please refer to p77 of the Budget documents available from the front page of the Port Phillip website

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