Friday, February 10, 2012

Council meeting at South Melbourne Town Hall 14 February 2012

The J L Murphy Reserve Masterplan will be presented to Council on Tuesday with a recommendation that it be adopted, and confirming that the Hobson's Bay Obedience Dog Club will be provided with a facility in the Garden City Reserve. Key features of the plan are the creation of a wetland to store water for irrigating sporting grounds, more opportunities for exercise for people who do not play organised sports, and the creation of a new soccer pitch [towards Williamstown Rd]. To access the reports, click here. Already, the soccer club cannot accommodate everybody who would like to play. With the Port population and participation in soccer increasing, a new pitch is badly needed. From my point of view, Murphy's Reserve is the most run down of all Port Phillip's parks, and seriously needs investment. Works already undertaken based on the Masterplan, such as the perimeter path and the extension to Dig In community garden, are already bringing more people into the Reserve.
Update: The J L Murphy Reserve Masterplan was adopted with a strengthened recommendation about calming traffic in Williamstown Road through working with VicRoads on introducing angle parking on the Reserve side of the road. Submittors highlighted the central importance of securing water for the Reserve. A number of people also addressed Council about the draft Port Melbourne UDF.

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