Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The flickering lights have gone and the music has stopped

Violet and Mervyn are no longer in a position to keep running their South Melbourne Market stall. Here is a brief story of this remarkable couple: "Violet was born in Bright in the 1930s. An avid and successful sportswoman, her love of sport was cut short in the 1950s by a lung condition which led to years of therapy and medication. She was on kidney dialysis for 40+ years. Mervyn, born in the 1920s, was the trumpet player in a jazz band on the Yarra River Ferry Boats. Trained as a barber, he became a cinema projectionist and graphic artist with retailers such as Coles and Safeway as well as CBD threatres. Violet and Mervyn came to the Market in 1984 selling vinyl records and craft embossed picture frames [They were retro before retro] and later new records, cassetes, CDs, DVDS, selected books and pictures all centred around 1930s, 40s and 50s jazz and blues music, classic Hollywood movies and music scores. They have been much loved by family, friends and customers. For over 40 years, Violet and Mervyn have shared a passion for photography, music, the cinema, the golden days of Hollywood and nostalgic fashion. Violet recently fell and was hospitalised and that, combined with other ailments, has led to the joint decision to call it a day. Wishing Violet a speedy recovery and time with their children and grandchildren. [reproduced with permission from South Melbourne Market News]

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