Friday, February 10, 2012

Draft Port Melbourne Waterfront UDF 2: Waterfront Place

Today - with two cruise ships and the Spirit of Tasmania at Station Pier - was a good opportunity to observe Waterfront Place. The logistics of moving several thousand people in and out of the precinct efficiently is managed impressively by the Port of Melbourne Corporation but the ripples still spread outwards into the wider Port Melbourne. These pictures show some of the features of Waterfront Place that are discussed in the UDF. The UDF wonders whether this space could be configured differently to give a better experience.The median between the carparks is wide but not very useable - could the space be better used on either side? A long and pretty uninteresting walk between tram stop and Station Pier - bounded by the TT Lines carpark chain mesh fence
Poor presentation of restaurants to visitors and Waterfront Place. Relatively narrow, ungenerous footpaths alongside the restaurants.

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