Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Team 3207 has got Port Melbourne's beaches covered

This Sunday 4 March is Clean Up Australia Day. 3207 Beach Patrol is tackling all Port Melbourne's beaches from Pickles St right through to Webb Dock. They have divided up the beach into zones - each with a coordinator. Meet at 9 - finish by 10.30 for coffee at the Beacon Cove foodstore [now Sputino] - an important part of the routine. byo whatever helps you to keep safe and comfortable on the job such as tongs, hat, gloves and a sturdy [preferably not plastic] bag. Tongs make picking up cigarette butts more bearable. This is all of our opportunity to give Port Melbourne's beaches the once over. For people who ask 'why should I do pick up litter?' just think of the plastic that will not be ingested by fish through your efforts. 3207 Beach Patrol is made up of friendly Port Melbourne people who care about the place. Visit http://www.3207beachpatrol.com.au/ to find the zone that is best for you. If you can't make it, perhaps you could clean the kerb and channel outside your house.

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