Thursday, February 9, 2012

Draft Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework

Council is consulting on the draft Port Melbourne Waterfront Urban Design Framework [UDF] until 9 March. For me, the key section of the document relates to how Waterfront Place - the area between Station Pier and the Foodstore - can be improved. This area gives rise to persistent complaints about traffic congestion, poor presentation to visitors, and dominance of cars. The UDF contemplates a more sociable and attractive future for this place. The UDF is detailed, so I thought that over coming days I would reproduce bite size pieces for your consideration and feedback.
'Waterfront Place Future Directions Statement: This precinct will evolve as one of Melbourne's most visited 'town squares' by the Bay. The Waterfront Place precinct aims to:
* Function as a celebratory place that welcomes visitors from the broader community
* Ensure that the Waterfront Place open spaces become the focus of the precinct
* Demonstrate and promote architectural excellence in all new development and throughout the the public realm, which includes ecologically responsive design
* Provide a variety of high quality open spaces that link together and form a continuous network of public realm places
* Provide public access to Station Pier where and when security arrangements allow' [page ref 44]

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