Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hands Up! for September 2008

The number of Port Melbourne Primary school students walking or riding to school is now 57.64%, up from 48% at the start of the year. This is testament to the huge efforts of the school community supported by the City of Port Phillip.
These bicycle hoops are part of that service.

The active travel rate in Port Phillip is more than double the national average of 20% reflecting the City of Port Phillip's commitment to this programme over many years.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fig at North Port tram stop

Council's work on restoring the Raglan St/North Port area to parkland was delayed by Citipower laying a high power electrical cable associated with the protection of services for the channel deepening project.
Council staff were successful in getting the trenches moved as far away from the trunk as possible.
Work has now resumed and is almost complete.

Community garden takes shape on Nott St

Raised garden beds and compost bins were made this weekend at the Simply Living garden outside the Uniting Church in Nott St (off Bridge St), Port Melbourne.
There will be fruit trees as well as vegetable beds. A rosemary hedge will be planted on the edge closest to Nott St.
Community participation and involvement is encouraged. Drop by when they are working and have a chat.

Garden City Reserve

Water tanks have been installed at the Sandridge Trugo Club, the first step of implementing the Garden City Reserve landscape masterplan.
The Trugo Club only has a small roof so has limited capacity.
The tanks will provide water to both the club and the park.
I will make sure that the Council takes every opportunity to increase water storages in our parks

Living next door to the Port of Melbourne

The Port of Melbourne is our next door neighbour to the west. The Port's development plan anticipates significant port intensification at Webb Dock over the next twenty years.

I will do my utmost
  • to ensure that adequate buffers are put in place between Garden City and Webb Dock to protect the amenity of Garden City residents

  • to keep the alignment of Dockside Road away from Todd Road

  • to get rail back to Webb Dock

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bike path outside Beacon Cove tower

At present, the boardwalk and cycle path at Beacon Cove are the responsibility of Major Projects Victoria. This dangerous place on the bike path is their responsibility. 

I will continue to strongly advocate for the City of Port Phillip to become responsible for the planning and management of Beacon Cove so that straightforward safety issues like this can be resolved quickly.

Sandridge Beach

Sandridge Beach is about to get its long awaited improvements which will include
  • improved path connections between Batman and Cumberland Roads and the foreshore path
  • better managed vegetation
  • renewal of grassed areas
  • lighting

The works will be completed before the end of June next year.

I will ensure Sandridge Beach landscape works are delivered as promised.

Bay/Liardet St intersection tops safety concerns

My top traffic and safety issues are
  • the Bay/Liardet St intersection

  • pedestrian crossing from Bridge St across Williamstown Road at Bunnings

  • 40 kph for Bay St (north of Bridge St)

I will work with Council and VicRoads to get these hot spots fixed.

Garden City Reserve playground

Children and their families spent some time talking with staff about what they want to see in the new Garden City Reserve playground to be installed this year.
People liked the idea of having some picnic tables alongside the playground.

Their thoughts will feed in to the design of the new playground.

I will ensure that the Garden City Reserve playground project is delivered as promised.

Sharing the roads and paths

I passionately believe in respectful sharing of
  • shared walking/cycling paths
  • the road between cyclists and car users
I support the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation (Safe together)

I will work with others towards developing an expected standard of behaviour on shared paths

More public transport more often

Knowing that the space taken by 60 cars is equivalent to the space taken by 1 bus and that
one tram can carry 150 people

I will

  • improve the connections to our tram stops and make them safer
  • strengthen the comunity bus service to ensure it meets the needs of residents
  • strongly support the work of SouthPort Daylinks and the service it provides to our frail and elderly residents
I will advocate to the state government for:

  • greater capacity of the 109 at morning and evening peaks
  • greater frequency of the 606 between Port Melbourne and St Kilda to strengthen the connections across the municipality
  • much greater investment and leadership by the state government in public transport
  • greater priority for the bus 253 bus service on the roa

To improve transport connections from Port Melbourne to St Kilda

I will lobby Yarra Trams to

  • align the 109 and 96 tram stops west of Clarendon St so that passengers do not need to walk between stops to change to the other service.

Improving the connections

Port Melbourne has a great network of off-road cycle paths including
  • along the foreshore on Beach St - part of the Bay Trail

  • the new cycle path at Sandridge Beach (2006/07)

  • the pedestrian/cycle paths along the Railway Reserves

However, on the City of Melbourne side the links are very poor as anyone who knows this intersection near Crown will only be too well aware.

I will work with our neighbours to get these connections much improved.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Safer walking and cycling

I will work to make walking and cycling easier and safer for local shopping, commuting to work, fitness, recreation and getting to school