Friday, November 28, 2008

Priorities for Port

Over the past four years, these are the issues that have emerged most strongly as priorities for Port

  • Liardet/Bay St intersection - making it safer
  • making our parks and sporting grounds more drought resilient, and better care of park and street trees
  • getting the full range of services needed for a complete community - including the new secondary school, a new place for our nursing home, and expanded family and childrens services
  • a new wave of local action on climate change
  • a council focussed on service
  • protecting Council's track record of strong and careful financial management
  • completing the transformation of the Rouse St area from an industrial to a residential precinct including street upgrades
  • taking full responsibility for Beacon Cove planning and management from the State Government
  • protecting resident amenity from the intensification of Webb Dock and associated freight traffic
  • keeping Port Melbourne a welcome place for everybody - regardless of age, income, status or life circumstance

Friday, November 21, 2008


Did you see it? The former carpark on the east side of the Railway Reserves at Raglan St has been turfed. And then tonight it rained.
The council has reclaimed disused roads for public parks here and at Raglan Ingles.

Port Melbourne people cycling more often

Doorknocking confirms that cycling is big in Port Melbourne. People would like to see facilities for cyclists further improved.
My priorities for cycling from a Port Melbourne viewpoint can be found at

Priorities between Graham St & the beach

Improving the area between Graham St and the beach:

  • up the ante on dog an dog poo management. I will continue to work closely with Body Corporates on this issue. I support a review of the dog restrictions between Lagoon Pier and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club

  • complete the transformation of the previously industrial Rouse St area to high quality and attractive tree lined streets

  • improve conditions for walking and cycling to make them the safe and convenient choice for local trips

  • strengthen and improve the connections between your building and Station Pier and the Beacon Cove 109 tram terminus

Effective foreshore management

  • more effective beach cleaning
  • get stormwater drain outlets off beaches
Better cycling facilities: as an avid cyclist, I remain committed to supporting cylists - please refer to my listing in the Bicycle Victoria website for my specific ideas:

Caring for parks: We must commit to greater care for Lagoon Reserve as it sustains heavy use by sporting clubs, dog owners and general recreational users

Sensible financial management: These are difficult times and careful financial management is crucial.

Priorities for Beacon Cove

  • council to take full responsibility for Beacon Cove planning and management. I will seek to get the Promenade handed over to Council as a priority so that council services such as bins can be provided

  • making the small parks of Beacon Cove drought resilient and implementing the Garden City Reserve and Sandridge Beach landscape plans

  • having local amenity front of mind in any future changes in the Station Pier/Waterfront Place area

  • getting Princes Pier fixed up

Priorities for Garden City and Fishermens Bend

  • early implementation of the Garden City Reserve and Sandridge Beach landscape plans including paths, lighting and more trees

  • getting an effective buffer in place between the port and Garden City

  • protecting resident amenity from port intensification and increased freight traffic by:

  • making the Plummer St bypass the route of choice for heavy traffic

  • working to achieve a Dockside Road that exits directly from the port

  • supporting the rail link from Webb Dock to get freight off road and onto rail

  • ensuring no b triples on residential streets

  • much work at Murphy's Reserve to further improve the grounds including replacing the fence on Plummer St as a priority

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strong performer on financial sustainability

The recently released report of the Victorian Auditor General ranks Port Phillip among the top performing inner Melbourne councils on a range of indicators for financial sustainbility including underlying result (7.85%) liquidity (2.22), indebtedness (3.54%), self financing (25.83%), and investment gap (1.86) (see p13/30)

I will
maintain council's track record of careful and strong financial management

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Council's commitment on climate change

Council has a soundly based climate change policy with clear greenhouse and drinking water reduction targets.
Council has adopted a target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions from council operations by 2020. The council will also seek to reduce consumption of drinkable water by 70%. The policy is backed by a detailed implementation plan.

To read the detail of Council's climate change policy please refer to

I will ensure that there is wholehearted commitment to this policy and that it is reviewed and reported on annually

A new wave of local action on climate change

The council offers a range of environmental programmes for residents wanting to take action to reduce their environmental impact such as Climate Change 1000. Sign up for 100% greenpower and you will be eligible for an environment audit of your home.
Check out some of the other initiatives at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Each of the crosses next to the Port Melbourne War memorial fountain remember Port Melbourne people

Lest we forget

Friday, November 7, 2008

Staggered intersection at Williamstown Road

Whereas until recently very few people crossed Williamstown Road on foot, since Bunnings opened, many people are making this crossing.
Today at the evening peak, I observed two primary school students crossing from west to east on Williamstown Road.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Supporting walking

These markers follow the 'goat track' across Garden City Reserve which will soon become a proper walking path as part of the Garden City landscape plan.
Historically, councils tended to put paths where they thought people should walk. Now, the wisdom of walkers is respected and the new path will follow the route people use. An older resident walks from her home in Garden City Reserve to the South Melbourne market and back!

Walking is something we all do, and all intend to do more of.

I will support walking through
  • greater attention to the quality of footpaths

  • addressing weak links in walking routes

  • supporting walking groups

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting around in Port

Over my term on council, a number of people have approached me about accessibility issues in our city.

Accessibility is fundamental to full participation in the life of our community.
However, an enormous amount of work remains to be done to ensure our community is accessible to all.
Work is currently underway at all the intersections in Bay St to make them easier to cross in a wheelchair or with a pram

I will
take every opportunity to support greater accessibility in our community

Impatient on Princes Pier (4)

Work has resumed on Princes Pier. The state government originally allocated $14m to this project. It is not enough for the work that needs to be done. The Minister is trying to get more money to complete the refurbishment of the deck as well as the Gatehouse.
This project needs to be finished. It has taken too long.

I will

  • make sure Princes Pier is a priority for the new council

  • and lobby the state government for sufficient funds to fix it so that it is an asset to the Port Melbourne and wider community