Thursday, July 30, 2009

Liardet Centre update

The Liardet St steering committee met for the first time since March. Representatives from LFK, the Albert Park College Child Care Centre, the community, the City of Port Phillip, state and federal government attended.

The meeting was constructive. Some of the points to come out of the meeting were:

  • the building condition audit recently undertaken shows that some immediate works are needed to bring the centre into line with current children's services regulations. They are being done.
  • it has identified further works that would need to be done to make the building fit for purpose

  • it was agreed that the Steering Committee should be advised about the cost and scope of the works before a decision is taken on whether to proceed with those works

  • all present agreed to continue working towards the project with all the parties present invited to contribute their vision, values and principles to the architect, Ian Perkins

  • the community representatives played a strong role as advocates for the community

  • it was agreed that a charter or memorandum of understanding between the City of Port Phillip, Lady Forster Kinder and APCCC should be pursued but should not hold up progress

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bird's eye view

This is how works are unfolding on Princes Pier behind the brown hoarding.

Cloud over Sandridge election result has lifted

Anthony Scrinis, candidate for Sandridge Ward in the November 2008 election for the City of Port Phillip, applied to the Municipal Electoral Tribunal for a review of the outcome of the election in Sandridge ward on a range of grounds.

The application has been dismissed.

I am relieved that I can continue to represent Sandridge Ward without this shadow hanging over me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small change makes a big difference

A simple ‘Keep Clear’ sign painted on Ingles St has greatly improved the Sandridge Rail Trail route from Port Melbourne to the city.
In the Loop (Bicycle Victoria) says:
'Steps like this are to be applauded. Often it is the minor but frequently overlooked details which make the difference between effective road facilities for riders, and inferior, token efforts.'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A new flashing 40 sign has been installed on the descent from the Graham St overpass following advocacy from Port Melbourne Primary's Travel Well Committee.

Parents have reported a change in driver behaviour already.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sport on Saturday in Sandridge

In windy conditions on Saturday
'It took a helicopter kick from Port Melbourne midfielder Patrick Hassett to shake off Werribee Tigers in a six point thriller at Chirnside Park yesterday.

The Borough staged a gritty final quarter to win 11.16 (82) to 11.10 (76)'

Brent Diamond, The Sunday Age July 12, 2009

Meanwhile, the Port Melbourne Sharks played to a 0-0 draw with Diamond Valley at Murphy's Reserve.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why were those palm trees removed in Bay St?

A turning lane and break in the median is being constructed in Bay St (between Rouse and Graham) to create access to the Bianca development and the public parking in that development - a VicRoads condition on the planning permit.
The work cannot be done until a power pole is moved from the site.
This is what has caused the delay.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finishing the job

Tree root damage on the bike path in front of the Beacon Cove towers is being repaired.
The two worst bumps were fixed last month.
The bike path is at this time the responsibility of Major Projects Victoria

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New road opening at Swallow/Byrne

Works on the Melbourne main sewer replacement require the closure of the existing road opening at Swallow and Byrne St.
This route provides access for Garden City residents to Bay St - avoiding the need to make right hand turns into Graham or Williamstown Road against heavy traffic.
Further information on the project and works programme is available at where you can subscribe for email updates.

Den the Fish

Dennis Fisher, poet and Port Melbourne resident, was the MC at the opening of NAIDOC week at O'Donnell Gardens on Saturday.
This year's NAIDOC theme is 'Honouring Our Elders, Nurturing Our Youth'

Six storeys?

Residents question the assumption on the real estate sign that the site on the corner of Rouse and Princes St will make way for a six storey development.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sandridge foreshore

Sandridge Beach is on the front page of the City of Port Phillip's new look website. Have a look at
Does the new website work better for you?

The future of high care aged care in Port Phillip

The council has a stated commitment to keeping 90 high care beds in the City of Port Phillip.
The attempt to secure these beds is tied up with the need for South Port Community Residential Home to find a new home. This quest has been long and difficult.
The state government has agreed to make available the former St Vincents Orphanage site in South Melbourne soon.
When it becomes available, bids from not for proft providers will be invited.

Future directions for Perce White Reserve

At the meeting on 13 July, the Council will appoint community members to be part of a reference group to guide future management directions for Perce White Reserve. Here is the summary from the Council report:

  • Perce White Reserve is an important, four-hectare, naturalised nature reserve, located at the extreme southwest end of Sandridge Beach. It has been identified as having both significant local and regional conservation status. (Natural heritage assessment of sites within the City of Port Phillip, Biosis, 2003)

  • Council has identified protecting, preseerving and reinstating local natural environments and open spaces within the city as a key strategy for caring for our natural environment.

  • A budget of $50,000 has been allocated in the 2009/2010 capital program for the development of design plans for the improvement of Perce White Reserve. In conjunction with this a management plan will be developed to ensure any improvements and ongoing maintenance of Perce White meets the community's expectations.

  • The land is owned by the Port of Melbourne Corporation and is managed and maintained by the City of Port Phillip.

  • Regular feedback has been received from local residents requesting the opportunity to be consulted and involved in any further management plans for Perce White Reserve. Hence, the Perce White Reference Group is being established to seek local community advice and feedback ont he principles and values for the management of the Reserve and the development of a new management plan that will include concept plans.
For a full copy of the Council report, go to