Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Overheard in Vic Ave, Albert Park

"people are more real in Port Melbourne ... you can get a carpark."


What is the verdict on this development as it approaches completion?
Your feedback is encouraged.
Update: Zinc Apartments won the national award for residential construction $10 - $50 million at the Australian Insititue of Building 2011 Professional Excellence in Building Awards on 15 September 2011 [Buxton Insite Edition 2, 2011]

Repairs underway at Beacon Cove

Happiness! A workman restores and paints one of the foreshore lamp posts at Beacon Cove.
The lamp posts have been eroded over time by exposure to salt winds.
The City of Port Phillip wants to be confident that all assets are in acceptable condition before assuming control of them in the near future.
At this point, the Promenade is the responsibility of Major Projects Victoria, rather than the Council.

Friday, December 18, 2009

So sorry it has taken this long

Permanent bins were finally installed at Sandridge Beach this week.
Further works are planned for April 2010 afer the peak summer period including
  • foreshore lighting
  • seating
  • picnic facilities
  • beach shower
  • paving

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two cruise ships and the Spirit held up on Saturday

I thought the helicopter above Station Pier on Saturday evening suggested something was amiss, but it was only yesterday that I was told there had been a bomb scare at Station Pier . A package containing military uniforms apparently attracted the attention of sniffer dogs. Traffic chaos resulted as the Pier was sealed off.

Did you know about it?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Port people walk against warming

I met many Port Melbourne friends at Saturday's Walk Against Warming.
It is hard to see the human sign on Princes Bridge in the foreground of this Environment Victoria photograph. I chose it because it shows so beautifully the angle of the Sandridge Rail Bridge 'like an arrow' across the river to its former destination, Flinders St and because you can see Port Melbourne in the background.
photo by aerofoto.com.au
courtesy of Environment Victoria

Life Saving Carnival

For the third year in a row, a state life saving carnival has been held on a cool, overcast day. This never seems to dampen the spirits of the competitors.
I like the way the beach wall works as a seat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Portosaurus gets a lot of visitors

Several people spoke to me at yesterday afternoon's youth festival about the new playspace in Garden City Reserve. One family said they visited twice a day. Another said it was 'absolutely fantastic'.
'It is lovely to see so many children and parents using the playground in Garden City Reserve. Someone even had a picnic there last weekend with an umbrella and balloons. It looked quite festive'

Friday, December 11, 2009

One job ticked off for Bay St, more to be done

Palm trees removed to create a right hand turn into the new Bianca development have finally been moved to their new home at the north end of Bay St.
Together with the flag poles - which hopefully will soon have flags - they emphasise the sense of entrance to Bay St.
This curve is actually Crockford, rather than Bay St, which confuses many people.
Our main aim is to achieve a 40 kph speed limit for Bay St, as in other major shopping strips in Port Phillip.
VicRoads, and not Council, is the road manager for Bay St as it is an arterial road and their consent is required for any works or changes to Bay St.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Council terminates St Kilda Triangle Agreement

At tonight's special council meeting to elect a mayor for 2010, this resolution was passed by council:

That, in relation to the St Kilda Triangle Development, Council

  1. receives the verbal report from the Mayor concerning negotiations with BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd and acknowledges that an in principle agreement has been reached between the Mayor and BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd
  2. Gives in principle support to the terms agreed between the Mayor and BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd, namely the termination of the Development Agreement for the St Kilda Triangle development in return for a payment of $5 million over three financial years and the granting of a lease to Palais Theatre Management Pty Ltd for a period of five years;
  3. Receives a report on the negotiations at the Council meeting scheduled for 14 December, 2009 to finalise the agreement.

I voted against the proposal and will speak to it at the Council meeting to be held in South Melbourne on 14 December.

Councillor Frank o'Connor will continue as mayor for 2010.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New life for Christmas trees

Some people enjoy a freshly cut tree for Christmas. They smell beautiful. But when Christmas is over, please

  • book a free collection of your tree 9209 6777 as part of Port Phillip's green waste booking service or
  • drop off at the Resource Recovery Centre/the transfer station at cnr White and Boundary St, South Melbourne where it can become beautiful compost

Sandridge Rail Trail reopens

The Sandridge bike and pedestrian path has re-opened north of Ingles St. It is wider in some places than before.
What is your verdict?
Background Briefing on ABC Radio National broadcast an excellent programme on the growth in cycling and in cycling accidents. It explores the tensions between cyclists and car drivers and the approaches taken by various organisations to increasing safety for cyclists. I highly recommend the programme which will be repeated on Tuesday at 7pm.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Honouring Michael Blyth

A bench commemorating the life and contribution of Michael Blyth has been installed on the Promenade at Beacon Cove.
Michael was a councillor at the Shire of Mornington for many years, and commissioner at the City of Casey in the early days of amalgamation of local governments.
After moving to Beacon Cove, he became a significant presence in the life of this emerging community, becoming President of the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association, a position he held until his death.
The installation of this bench brings Michael strongly back to mind and much sadness is associated with that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Exchange that used to be Molly Blooms

Several people raised concerns about aspects of the management of the Exchange during conversations about Bay St held at the weekend.
Issues raised included bottles being distributed far and wide through neighbouring streets on a Sunday morning, behaviour of patrons leaving the hotel in the early hours of the morning and general management of the footpath area.
The only times people reported feeling unsafe in Port Melbourne were around licensed premises at closing time.

The Exchange's footpath trading permit is for 11am to 11pm

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The almost phantom 606

There is still time to contribute your thoughts to bus improvements in Port Phillip and connections to the wider metropolitan area.

A small group attended the Department of Transport Workshop in South Melbourne today. There was strong support from those attending for an improved route 606 connecting Port Melbourne with the 630 to Elwood and beyond to Monash.
'Improved' meant greater frequency and a decent weekend service.
Draft proposals were presented, including a rationalisation of the 250, 251 and 253 services to get greater frequency.

Submissions should be addressed to
Department of Transport
Port Phillip/Yarra/Melbourne bus review
P O Box 2797
Melbourne 3001

or go to http://www.transport.vic.gov.au/ and make your way to the bus review page to email your submission

Sunday, November 29, 2009

000 Climate Emergency

The human sign created at the conclusion of the 6,000 km Run for a Safe Climate.
photo by http://www.cloud9.com.au
for http://www.runforasafeclimate.org.au

Run for a Safe Climate arrives home in pouring rain

Runners for a Safe Climate on the final leg of their journey from Kerferd Road to St Kilda.
Since November 2nd, Run for a Safe Climate has been on the move from Cooktown, running to the Great Barrier Reef, the headwaters of the Murray, Mt Kosciuszko, the Koorong, and the Great Ocean Road.
These are emergency service workers: firemen, police, and defence service personnel. They are the people responding to the community safety emergencies created by global warming.

Everywhere they saw the evidence of climate change: bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, reduced snow season in the Alps, the Koorong saltier than the sea, and the most consecutive hot days over 35 degrees as they headed to Canberra where Nick Minchin was denying that human induced climate change is a reality.

Bay Street and surrounds

Over the past week, we have had fascinating conversations with people about Bay St: what they like and what they would change. There has been a remarkable consistency in the feedback. Nearly all respondents said they like the 'mix' of Bay St. They like the mix of old and new, the mix of people, the mix of building types, the mix of shopping.
They wanted the old buildings and features which give Bay Street its character, not only retained, but well looked after.
The most commonly cited service that is missing is public toilets. People use the 109 and 1 tram service, but very few people used the bus or knew where it went. The speed and volume of traffic was a concern for many, particularly the noise of trucks between Beach and Rouse on Graham.
Most people had walked to Bay St when we met them from surrounding streets.
There will be one more session in Bay St on Thursday 3 December 4.30 to 7.30pm near the entrance to Coles
Please come and add your views.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What would you like Bay St to be like in future?

The Council is planning for the future of Bay St and surrounds.
Bay Street has changed hugely over the past 10 years. How would you like it to be in the future? What are your thoughts and opinions about Bay St? How could it be improved? What ideas do you have to make Bay St a better place? What do you like, and what don't you like?
Leave a comment here.

I will be with staff at conversation tents on

Tuesday 24 November 11am to 2pm near the entrance to Coles

Friday 27th November 11am to 2pm north end Bay St near 385 Bay St

Saturday 28 November 10 to 1pm corner Rouse and Bay St

Thursday 3 December 4.30 to 7.30pm near Coles

if none of these times suit you, send your ideas to baystreetplan@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The future of our trees

Please come to the Tree Summit next Wednesday 25th November from 6.30 to 9.30pm at Port Melbourne Town Hall
Do you have ideas about how council can better manage trees and nature strips?
Not a tree expert? It doesn't matter. Everyone has something to contribute to this important community event. You can help council develop our city wide policy on trees and nature strips.

To register, please email Ospaces@portphillip.vic.gov.au or call Joanne McNeill on 9209 6289

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SouthPort Daylinks, 21 years old this year, held their Annual General Meeting today.
SPDL provides wonderful programmes which enable frail elderly people and people with disabilities to participate in community life and continue to live independently.
  • Over 18,000 trips were provided by DayLinks Community Transport over the financial year

  • GardenMates links people who enjoy gardening who have some free time with people who cannot maintain their own gardens because of frailty or disability

  • WalkMates links a suitable volunteer waling companion to an elderly person or person with a disability who needs some for of support, either physical or encouragement, 'to go for a walk'

  • PetLinks helps frail aged people and people with disabilities care for their animal companions at home through dog walking, pet grooming, pet transport and foster care

The service absolutely depends on volunteers and more are always welcomed. SPDL has no recurrent funding for replacement cars. Therefore the generosity of people who have provided funds for replacement cars is hugely appreciated.

Among other generous donors who were mentioned were BP South Melbourne who provide car wash vouchers which mean the cars always look smart and clean.

SPDL offers a range of volunteering possibilities.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting prepared on Waterfront Place

The Council has adopted draft urban design guidelines for 1-11 Waterfront Place (between the Port Melbourne station building and Princes St) in anticipation of an application being lodged for this site at some time in the near future.

The report concludes that a built form height of 21m RL or 5 levels with setback is the preferred scale in consideration of policy, strategic and site analysis. Any increase in height should be based on and evaluated on the principles, guidelines and preferred built form detailed in the report.

The Council will also be writing to the Minister for Planning suggesting that a Ministerial Advisory Committee be established to consider any development application for the site.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watering the trees in Station St

This shows one element of the design of the passive watering system that will be introduced into the kerb and channel of Station St.
This innovation is one way of capturing stormwater to water those beautiful trees on Station St.
It is part of council's commitment to introducing water sensitive design wherever possible.

Capturing stormwater to water the trees

While rehabilitating the kerb and channel on Station Street, passive irrigation systems will be installed at various locations on the reserve side of Station Street to harvest stormwater run-off and irrigate the trees in the Reserve.
The passive irrigation systems consist of slotted kerb adaptors which sit flush with the kerb and are connectd to aggi pipes to intercept and divert stormwater run-off to the trees.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Support Run for a Safe Climate

Brendan Condon is a local resident and CEO of Run for a Safe Climate

During November 2009, thirty emergency service workers are running 6000 kms from Cooktown in Queensland, via NSW, northern Victoria, South Australia, and then back to the southern coast of Victoria, to finish in Melbourne at St Kilda Beach at 2pm on Sunday 29 November.

The runners are all emergency workers: police, firemen, soldiers, park rangers, ambulance drivers.

They are running to raise awareness of the need for a strong government response to climate change. They are also running to highlight the solutions that already exist to address climate change.

Launching the seniors register in Port Melbourne

The Seniors Register was launched at the Sandridge Trugo Club in Garden City Reserve on Monday.
When residents join the register they are put on a database which contains information that can help in times of emergency. They receive a card with an ID number, fridge magnet for personal community contacts, a key ring with emergency telephone numbers and a booklet to help older people live more confidently and independently.
The register is confidential and can only be accessed by the police and the project coordinator. It is already operating in Elwood and South Melbourne.
Bendigo Bank provided abundant afternoon tea and very lovely singing.
Please encourage senior neighbours to sign up or contact me or Michael Wood on 9209 6260 for further information so that you can explain it to your neighbours.

The eye

The new Garden City playground was officially opened today and the winning name for the dragon announced, Portosaurus.
The design of the playground was informed by ideas from children who play in the park. The flying fox is especially popular. This is no off the shelf generic playground.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Whitaker commemoration

About 150 people gathered to to learn about the life and times of Alan Whitaker.
Whitaker was an ANZAC and a waterside worker shot by police on 2 November 1928 during a bitter industrial dispute. He died on Australia Day 1929.
In Port Melbourne in 1928, unemployment was running at over 70%, and the shipping on which employment depended had dried up dramatically. The bitterly unpopular Beeby award meant that unionists had to wait for two pick ups a day on the exposed Hogan's Flat (the area between Station and Princes Pier) with absolutely no guarantee that they would get work.
Attempts to bring in 'volunteer' labour were resisted by unionists and their women.
We heard stories of descendants of those workers and what conditions had been like in their families with not enough to eat, not enough to pay the rent, and not enough to pay for gas.
Here Kevin Bracken, Victorian branch secretary of the MUA, life member of the Sandridge Life Saving Club, huge contributor to the Colts Football Club, introduces the day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dog off leash review

Residents who enjoy Garden City Reserve with their dogs were amongst 20 submitters to council on Monday on the dog off leash review.

The main issues raised by submitters were
  • about the proposal for dogs being leashed 5 m on either side of shared paths

  • the number of dogs capable of being under the effective control of one person

  • the process that will be used to determine whether an area should be made temporarily unavailable for dogs, and whether alternative areas would be made available

  • whether more hours could be made available in the morning for dogs to be off leash

These issues will alll be investigated further before Council makes final recommendations arising from the consultation process at the meeting on 23 November.

Cruise Ship season about to begin

The first cruise ship of this year's season, the Pacific Dawn, arrives at Station Pier on Monday 2 November +/- 8 am.

I highly recommend that you keep the cruise ship schedule handy to know ship arrivals and departures, and plan for tram and traffic impacts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Princes Pier in October (2)

The barge on the western side of Princes Pier.

photo: Ron Cassano

Princes Pier in October (1)

After two years of work, today the barge shifted to the west side of Princes Pier.
photo: Ron Cassano

Friday, October 2, 2009

Decision on Kyme Place

The Kyme Place appeal was heard by VCAT on 28th and 29th September.
At the conclusion of the hearing, the Tribunal member gave a verbal decision on the spot which supported the Council's decision with no change.
The full written decision will be received in due course.

Mysterious fence

Is it part of the Melbourne Main Sewer project? Is it fenced for sheep or badly behaved dogs? Is it an outdoor playpen?
There has been considerable speculation about the fenced area of Turner Reserve.
The fences will be used to allow for the progressive rehabilitation of the degraded areas of Turner Reserve.

Monday, September 28, 2009

At the AGM of the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association on 23 September, a representative from the Action Group responded to some questions about the future of 7 to 11 Waterfront Place.
While unable to answer questions regarding height and form of any possible development, he said that the gym would form part of any new development on the site.
It will be an additional site that Genesis is taking in the Bianca development.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More trams on Route 109

This week, 40 extra weekday services and five additional services on Sundays were added to the route 109 service.
For the full timetable go to
or call Metlink on 131 638

Street gallery of Port Primary's artwork

I love the paintings by Port Melbourne Primary School children on the Swallow Street site of the Melbourne Water main sewer replacement project.
It is interesting to me that most of the paintings show multi-storey buildings, bridges and freeways - there are only a few of single houses - reflecting the city as it is today.
artwork painted by students from Port Melbourne Primary School for the Melbourne Main Sewer Replacement: a Melbourne Water and John Holland initiatve as part of their community engagement and schools schools programme

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Princes Pier in September (2)

The work on Princes Pier is difficult and painstaking - see how access to these cross beams is via a dinghy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Borough bow out

After last week's nail biting game against the Box Hill Hawks that had 'more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel' [The Record], Port went down to the Northern Bullants this afternoon.

Not even the motivating words of Gary Ayres and Port's record of success on its home ground were enough to counter the many AFL players dropped into the Bullants side.

Northern Bullants 4.4 11.10 14.10 16.13 (109)
Port Melbourne 3.1 4.4 8.9 13.10 (88)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Over 150 trees have been planted in Port Melbourne this spring, including these Araucaria [Norfolk Island Pines] filling in gaps along the Boulevard.
Trees of every type have been planted - exotic, native and indigenous.
The trees will be supported with a two year watering programme.
The tree planting programme is prepared throughout the year on the basis of report and inspection.
A detailed assessment of street trees in each street across Port Phillip will be done this year.

Kyme Place housing project update

sorry about the formal planning speak but this needs to be accurate:
A Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit for the construction of a 4 storey building for use as a residential building (31 units) was made by the Port Melbourne Affordable Housing Project Planning Assessment Panel on 20 April 2009.
A Notice of Decision was issued on 29th April.
Objectors have lodged an Application for Reviewof the decision with VCAT.
The matter is listed to be heard over three days beginning on 28 September 2009

Better than a stink pipe

A new air treatment facility is being installed in the median strip in Howe Parade (near Leith Crescent), following complaints over many years about odour from the sewer which runs underneath the median.
It is expected to remove more than 99% of sewer gases and odours.
The project is being installed by The Pipelines Alliance on behalf of Melbourne Water.
For more information ring 1800 108 636 (toll free)
[for many years, I didn't realise what these pipes were for, did you?]

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Port Phillip Council meets in Port

The Council met in the Port Melbourne Council chamber last night as part of a commitment to rotating council meetings around the city.
Community members asked these questions of Council*:

What is happening with
  • having a toilet open and available in the Bay/Liardet St area?
  • interventions to make the Bay/Liardet Street intersection safer?
  • the gateway signage for Bay St consulted upon and promised?
  • a 40 km speed limit for Bay St?
  • the Council's attitude to the Port of Melbourne's recently announced intention to bring forward development at Webb Dock?
  • the long awaited beautification of Rouse St, west of Bay St?
  • the long awaited improvements to Bridge St, west of the Light Rail line?

Responses to these questions will be provided and reported back to Council.

* this is a summary

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two wheeled encounters on the foreshore path

I often meet Bruce when I am cycling back and forth to St Kilda. He travels from Port Melbourne to Inkerman Street every day. The shops are not as dear there.
Bruce gets the mail. People talk to him. He lets me know what's on people's minds.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Port of Melbourne Community Forum

At last night's meeting at Life Saving Victoria Headquarters, a status report on Williamstown Road was provided.
  • vehicle volumes on Williamstown Road have remained stable over the past 3 years. It is positive there has been no increase as traffic volumes generally increase by about 2 to 3% p/a
  • heavy truck traffic on Williamstown Road, west of Graham, is down approx 300 vehicles per day
  • Plummer St is carrying in the order of 1,500 trucks per day

People questioned whether the full potential of the Plummer St bypass was being realised and raised a number of issues:

  • people doing rat runs through Garden City to avoid queuing at Graham
  • signage and promotion of the route

These issues will be taken up and followed up.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dogs and bikes - off leash review

Have you made your thoughts known to Council on the proposed changes to dog off leash areas?
[Council report of 10 August]

One of the proposed changes that has generated considerable debate is intended to to mange interactions between dogs and cyclists

"Change 8 - Prohibited Areas
  • existing condition: While there is a restriction keeping dogs 5m away from children's play areas, no such restriction exists in relation to bike paths or pedestrian paths throughout the municipality

  • proposed condition: prohibit dogs from going within 5m of any bike path or pedestrian path, unless on a leash or cord

  • reason for change: to reduce the possibility for conflict between people and dogs"

What do you think? Feedback to animalmgt@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Promenade at Beacon Cove

A team of maintenance people commissioned by Major Projects Victoria have been down at the west end of Beacon Cove promenade, tidying up and weeding the vegetation (see post August 2nd)

We hope that MPV will continue to maintain the landscape to this standard until the City of Port Phillip takes control of the area in due course.

Sandridge Beach update

Uplifting the vegetation at Sandridge Beach has been generally well received (see post of June 7th), but people have been wondering when the next steps in the project will happen.
  • public tender to construct park upgrades was advertised on Saturday 29 August

  • tender will close on Friday 18 September and it is expected that it will be awarded in October

  • hardscape construction including lighting, paths, furtniture and playgrouund will take place as soon as possible (October-November)

  • planting will occur in April-May 2010, to ensure better plant survival rates during cool and wetter winter months

update provided by Zhanna Sichivitsa, Landscape Architect, City of Port Phillip

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Safer crossing

The long awaited installation of luminous pedestrian crossing signs at the North Port Oval on Williamstown Road is great to see (though people should still take care crossing this wide and busy road)
The Boroughs enter the finals 4th on the ladder following their defeat by Williamstown on Saturday 16.12-108 to 9.12-66
The VFL finals series will be played here.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent arrival at the Port of Melbourne

While posting the most recent item on Port Futures, I noticed a video on the Department of Transport website showing the arrival of one of the new trains through the Port of Melbourne.

Port Futures: what it says about Webb Dock

Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports launched Port Futures a future framework for all Victorian ports on Friday 27 August. Extracts of interest for Sandridge residents are given below:
"Key Actions

  • consider bringing forward the development of an initial module of terminal capacity at Webb Dock of up to one million TEU*, subject to a satisfactory business case and all necessary government aprpovals; (the minister thought this could take about 4 years)

  • maintain the existing planning reservation for the Webb Dock Rail Link [WDRL] for future consideration" [see p27]

Port Futures outlines why the return of rail would not be supported at this stage:

"Development at Webb Dock for large scale container handling has previously been predicated on the reconnection of the Webb Dock Rail Link. However it is apparent that a rail connection to Webb Dock would not be commerically or economically viable for an early stage container terminal development at Webb Dock.

Such a link would only service the relatively small volumes of interstate [Adelaide] and regional export rail freight. It could not, at this stage service the much larger metropolitan freight distribution task, as no freight from the port is currently distributed to metropolitan Melbourne by rail. For metropolitan freight, the link would only connect Webb Dock to the Dynon rail terminal and trucks would still have to pick up or drop off at this already congested central location for transport to destinations within the metroplitan area.

Connection of Webb Dock by rail could be considered in the future as part of a second stage of stevedore terminal development, should this be determined to be the preferrred location for provision of additonal capaicty tint he medium to longer term." [for more go to p21]

* twenty foot equivalent unit

To read more go to www.transport.vic.gov.au

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another drama off Bay St

Barely two weeks after the episode of the concrete balcony suspended from Bianca over the 1860s heritage listed shop (see post of August 7th), police and the fire brigade were in attendance in Dow St when an electricity sub-station in the Bayview apartments apparently caught fire.

VCAT decision on 18 Lyons St

This is an extract from a VCAT decision on 18 Lyons St, one street back from Bay St, for a three storey development that will replace this single storey house. The rationale for the member's decision is given below.

  • 'Because 18 Lyons Street is within the Bay Street neighbourhood, it is also subject to the opportunities and constraints of being adjacent to an activity centre. The opportunities are all the shops, restaurants and other community facilities available to the occupiers of the site. The constraints are that the same level of amenity as exists further in the hinterland of the shopping centre cannot be expected to be maintained on this site in this street. It is logical to extend this to intensity of development. Overall, the policies of Urban Consolidation in the planning scheme promote more intensive developments close to activity centres.

  • I believe that the overall urban consolidation policies certainly hold more weight here than the local policy expectations. That does not mean that there should be encouragement of major intensification of this seemingly highly liveable enclave, but it should be recognised that there would be an intensification of development such as is proposed for this particular site.

  • The fact that this is a three storey building is not fatal as there are a number of three and four storey buildings within the residential and commercial enclave. The fact is that this has been designed with greater awareness of the need to protect amenity than the others.

  • In relation to Rescode, just because the proposal does not comply with a number of standards does not mean that it is unacceptable. Conditions being developed by the parties will determine further changes that need to be made to this decision

  • Respect does not mean more of the same. In my view, this proposal respects the wider neighbourhood character that I have described in this decision'

The Tribunal directed that the overall building height be reduced by 350mm from 9.25m to 8.9m, incorporating first and second floor level ceiling heights of 2.55m and 2.4m respectively;

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Save Our Soles

at Gasworks Arts Park
The text says
'These are the surviving shoes of 'dog poo incidents'. To stop innocent shoes being cut down in their prime, please pick up after your dog.'

Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you know that

Recycling rates per capita in Port Phillip reached 40.82% in 2008/09, up from 39% the previous year, and 31% a decade ago.

Waste generation rates were 211kg, 35kg less than in 1997/98.

What is your view on this performance?

Come in the gate and get close to the game

The redevelopment of North Port Oval is proceeding well with architects appointed. This is a joint project of the Port Melbourne Football Club, Sport and Recreation Victoria, the AFL and the City of Port Phillip.
The Council is interested to see the redevelopment further strengthen the connection between the club and the community.

The restoration of the Goss Stand is also a priority.

There are only a few more games before the finals so come down to see the Boroughs play Sandringham tomorrow Saturday 22nd at 1.10

'Answering the Call'

Port Melbourne is a hugely significant site for the history of the navy in Australia.
Some milestone dates
  • 1859: Naval Reserve training commenced with the formation of the Sandridge company of the Victorian Naval Brigade
  • 1912: following the formation of the Royal Australian Navy in 1911, the Drill Hall was built on the corner Rouse/Bay (currently the home of Circus Oz)
  • 1942: Australian Navy Reserve Drill Hall was built on the former lagoon and named HMAS Lonsdale

Nothing of this history remains - save the name hm@s.

The Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia is seeking to install this memorial on the foreshore opposite Dow St.

The Council has provided 'in principle' support. Coastal consent will now be sought from the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.