Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Overheard in Vic Ave, Albert Park

"people are more real in Port Melbourne ... you can get a carpark."


What is the verdict on this development as it approaches completion?
Your feedback is encouraged.
Update: Zinc Apartments won the national award for residential construction $10 - $50 million at the Australian Insititue of Building 2011 Professional Excellence in Building Awards on 15 September 2011 [Buxton Insite Edition 2, 2011]

Repairs underway at Beacon Cove

Happiness! A workman restores and paints one of the foreshore lamp posts at Beacon Cove.
The lamp posts have been eroded over time by exposure to salt winds.
The City of Port Phillip wants to be confident that all assets are in acceptable condition before assuming control of them in the near future.
At this point, the Promenade is the responsibility of Major Projects Victoria, rather than the Council.

Friday, December 18, 2009

So sorry it has taken this long

Permanent bins were finally installed at Sandridge Beach this week.
Further works are planned for April 2010 afer the peak summer period including
  • foreshore lighting
  • seating
  • picnic facilities
  • beach shower
  • paving

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two cruise ships and the Spirit held up on Saturday

I thought the helicopter above Station Pier on Saturday evening suggested something was amiss, but it was only yesterday that I was told there had been a bomb scare at Station Pier . A package containing military uniforms apparently attracted the attention of sniffer dogs. Traffic chaos resulted as the Pier was sealed off.

Did you know about it?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Port people walk against warming

I met many Port Melbourne friends at Saturday's Walk Against Warming.
It is hard to see the human sign on Princes Bridge in the foreground of this Environment Victoria photograph. I chose it because it shows so beautifully the angle of the Sandridge Rail Bridge 'like an arrow' across the river to its former destination, Flinders St and because you can see Port Melbourne in the background.
photo by aerofoto.com.au
courtesy of Environment Victoria

Life Saving Carnival

For the third year in a row, a state life saving carnival has been held on a cool, overcast day. This never seems to dampen the spirits of the competitors.
I like the way the beach wall works as a seat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Portosaurus gets a lot of visitors

Several people spoke to me at yesterday afternoon's youth festival about the new playspace in Garden City Reserve. One family said they visited twice a day. Another said it was 'absolutely fantastic'.
'It is lovely to see so many children and parents using the playground in Garden City Reserve. Someone even had a picnic there last weekend with an umbrella and balloons. It looked quite festive'

Friday, December 11, 2009

One job ticked off for Bay St, more to be done

Palm trees removed to create a right hand turn into the new Bianca development have finally been moved to their new home at the north end of Bay St.
Together with the flag poles - which hopefully will soon have flags - they emphasise the sense of entrance to Bay St.
This curve is actually Crockford, rather than Bay St, which confuses many people.
Our main aim is to achieve a 40 kph speed limit for Bay St, as in other major shopping strips in Port Phillip.
VicRoads, and not Council, is the road manager for Bay St as it is an arterial road and their consent is required for any works or changes to Bay St.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Council terminates St Kilda Triangle Agreement

At tonight's special council meeting to elect a mayor for 2010, this resolution was passed by council:

That, in relation to the St Kilda Triangle Development, Council

  1. receives the verbal report from the Mayor concerning negotiations with BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd and acknowledges that an in principle agreement has been reached between the Mayor and BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd
  2. Gives in principle support to the terms agreed between the Mayor and BBC Triangle Investments Pty Ltd, namely the termination of the Development Agreement for the St Kilda Triangle development in return for a payment of $5 million over three financial years and the granting of a lease to Palais Theatre Management Pty Ltd for a period of five years;
  3. Receives a report on the negotiations at the Council meeting scheduled for 14 December, 2009 to finalise the agreement.

I voted against the proposal and will speak to it at the Council meeting to be held in South Melbourne on 14 December.

Councillor Frank o'Connor will continue as mayor for 2010.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New life for Christmas trees

Some people enjoy a freshly cut tree for Christmas. They smell beautiful. But when Christmas is over, please

  • book a free collection of your tree 9209 6777 as part of Port Phillip's green waste booking service or
  • drop off at the Resource Recovery Centre/the transfer station at cnr White and Boundary St, South Melbourne where it can become beautiful compost

Sandridge Rail Trail reopens

The Sandridge bike and pedestrian path has re-opened north of Ingles St. It is wider in some places than before.
What is your verdict?
Background Briefing on ABC Radio National broadcast an excellent programme on the growth in cycling and in cycling accidents. It explores the tensions between cyclists and car drivers and the approaches taken by various organisations to increasing safety for cyclists. I highly recommend the programme which will be repeated on Tuesday at 7pm.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Honouring Michael Blyth

A bench commemorating the life and contribution of Michael Blyth has been installed on the Promenade at Beacon Cove.
Michael was a councillor at the Shire of Mornington for many years, and commissioner at the City of Casey in the early days of amalgamation of local governments.
After moving to Beacon Cove, he became a significant presence in the life of this emerging community, becoming President of the Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association, a position he held until his death.
The installation of this bench brings Michael strongly back to mind and much sadness is associated with that.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Exchange that used to be Molly Blooms

Several people raised concerns about aspects of the management of the Exchange during conversations about Bay St held at the weekend.
Issues raised included bottles being distributed far and wide through neighbouring streets on a Sunday morning, behaviour of patrons leaving the hotel in the early hours of the morning and general management of the footpath area.
The only times people reported feeling unsafe in Port Melbourne were around licensed premises at closing time.

The Exchange's footpath trading permit is for 11am to 11pm

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The almost phantom 606

There is still time to contribute your thoughts to bus improvements in Port Phillip and connections to the wider metropolitan area.

A small group attended the Department of Transport Workshop in South Melbourne today. There was strong support from those attending for an improved route 606 connecting Port Melbourne with the 630 to Elwood and beyond to Monash.
'Improved' meant greater frequency and a decent weekend service.
Draft proposals were presented, including a rationalisation of the 250, 251 and 253 services to get greater frequency.

Submissions should be addressed to
Department of Transport
Port Phillip/Yarra/Melbourne bus review
P O Box 2797
Melbourne 3001

or go to http://www.transport.vic.gov.au/ and make your way to the bus review page to email your submission