Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent arrival at the Port of Melbourne

While posting the most recent item on Port Futures, I noticed a video on the Department of Transport website showing the arrival of one of the new trains through the Port of Melbourne.

Port Futures: what it says about Webb Dock

Tim Pallas, Minister for Roads and Ports launched Port Futures a future framework for all Victorian ports on Friday 27 August. Extracts of interest for Sandridge residents are given below:
"Key Actions

  • consider bringing forward the development of an initial module of terminal capacity at Webb Dock of up to one million TEU*, subject to a satisfactory business case and all necessary government aprpovals; (the minister thought this could take about 4 years)

  • maintain the existing planning reservation for the Webb Dock Rail Link [WDRL] for future consideration" [see p27]

Port Futures outlines why the return of rail would not be supported at this stage:

"Development at Webb Dock for large scale container handling has previously been predicated on the reconnection of the Webb Dock Rail Link. However it is apparent that a rail connection to Webb Dock would not be commerically or economically viable for an early stage container terminal development at Webb Dock.

Such a link would only service the relatively small volumes of interstate [Adelaide] and regional export rail freight. It could not, at this stage service the much larger metropolitan freight distribution task, as no freight from the port is currently distributed to metropolitan Melbourne by rail. For metropolitan freight, the link would only connect Webb Dock to the Dynon rail terminal and trucks would still have to pick up or drop off at this already congested central location for transport to destinations within the metroplitan area.

Connection of Webb Dock by rail could be considered in the future as part of a second stage of stevedore terminal development, should this be determined to be the preferrred location for provision of additonal capaicty tint he medium to longer term." [for more go to p21]

* twenty foot equivalent unit

To read more go to

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another drama off Bay St

Barely two weeks after the episode of the concrete balcony suspended from Bianca over the 1860s heritage listed shop (see post of August 7th), police and the fire brigade were in attendance in Dow St when an electricity sub-station in the Bayview apartments apparently caught fire.

VCAT decision on 18 Lyons St

This is an extract from a VCAT decision on 18 Lyons St, one street back from Bay St, for a three storey development that will replace this single storey house. The rationale for the member's decision is given below.

  • 'Because 18 Lyons Street is within the Bay Street neighbourhood, it is also subject to the opportunities and constraints of being adjacent to an activity centre. The opportunities are all the shops, restaurants and other community facilities available to the occupiers of the site. The constraints are that the same level of amenity as exists further in the hinterland of the shopping centre cannot be expected to be maintained on this site in this street. It is logical to extend this to intensity of development. Overall, the policies of Urban Consolidation in the planning scheme promote more intensive developments close to activity centres.

  • I believe that the overall urban consolidation policies certainly hold more weight here than the local policy expectations. That does not mean that there should be encouragement of major intensification of this seemingly highly liveable enclave, but it should be recognised that there would be an intensification of development such as is proposed for this particular site.

  • The fact that this is a three storey building is not fatal as there are a number of three and four storey buildings within the residential and commercial enclave. The fact is that this has been designed with greater awareness of the need to protect amenity than the others.

  • In relation to Rescode, just because the proposal does not comply with a number of standards does not mean that it is unacceptable. Conditions being developed by the parties will determine further changes that need to be made to this decision

  • Respect does not mean more of the same. In my view, this proposal respects the wider neighbourhood character that I have described in this decision'

The Tribunal directed that the overall building height be reduced by 350mm from 9.25m to 8.9m, incorporating first and second floor level ceiling heights of 2.55m and 2.4m respectively;

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Save Our Soles

at Gasworks Arts Park
The text says
'These are the surviving shoes of 'dog poo incidents'. To stop innocent shoes being cut down in their prime, please pick up after your dog.'

Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you know that

Recycling rates per capita in Port Phillip reached 40.82% in 2008/09, up from 39% the previous year, and 31% a decade ago.

Waste generation rates were 211kg, 35kg less than in 1997/98.

What is your view on this performance?

Come in the gate and get close to the game

The redevelopment of North Port Oval is proceeding well with architects appointed. This is a joint project of the Port Melbourne Football Club, Sport and Recreation Victoria, the AFL and the City of Port Phillip.
The Council is interested to see the redevelopment further strengthen the connection between the club and the community.

The restoration of the Goss Stand is also a priority.

There are only a few more games before the finals so come down to see the Boroughs play Sandringham tomorrow Saturday 22nd at 1.10

'Answering the Call'

Port Melbourne is a hugely significant site for the history of the navy in Australia.
Some milestone dates
  • 1859: Naval Reserve training commenced with the formation of the Sandridge company of the Victorian Naval Brigade
  • 1912: following the formation of the Royal Australian Navy in 1911, the Drill Hall was built on the corner Rouse/Bay (currently the home of Circus Oz)
  • 1942: Australian Navy Reserve Drill Hall was built on the former lagoon and named HMAS Lonsdale

Nothing of this history remains - save the name hm@s.

The Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia is seeking to install this memorial on the foreshore opposite Dow St.

The Council has provided 'in principle' support. Coastal consent will now be sought from the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.

Changes to dog on and off leash areas proposed

People - dog owners and non dog owners - gave a lot of feedback during the dog off leash consultations.

In response to the issues raised, the following solutions are suggested and your comments invited.

  • to allow degraded grassy areas to recover: allow for temporary fencing in off leash areas

  • to reduce conflict with cyclists: require dogs to be on leash next to shared bike/pedestrian paths

  • to ensure dogs are under effective control: amending the definiton to 'a person with more than four (4) dogs) at the one time is not effective control'

  • to provide more rational arrangements that are easier to enforce: for the whole area between Lagoon Pier and the Port Melbourne Yacht Club to be off leash (rather than relying on an imaginary line extending south from Dow St)

Parks affected by the changes are Sandridge foreshore, Port Melbourne beach (between Lagoon Pier and the PM Yacht Club, and Garden City Reserve.

Comments to between 17 August and 20 September

To see the proposed changes in detail go to or visit the library/Assist on Bay St

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Howe Parade now

The future of Howe Parade in Garden City Reserve as parkland is finally completely secure following the gazettal of planning amendment C68 to the Port Phillip planning scheme on 9 August.

Howe Parade then

The image as scanned is disappointingly small - but you get the idea.

Black cockatoos at Lagoon Reserve

Heard a commotion when riding through Lagoon Reserve this afternoon. On closer investigation, there were five black cockatoos in the trees.
Because it was so dull, it was hard to get a decent photograph.
If you see any unusual wildlife in Port Melbourne, let Port Phillip nature watch know at
The Ombudsman's Report into Port Phillip Council has been released. All the Ombudsman's recommendations are accepted. and

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The pleasure a street tree can give

Beautiful banksia spinulosa in full flower at the Bend this morning.

Nearly done!

Works completed:
  • the paths - FINALLY!
  • 250 trees planted and under maintenance for 2 years
  • the area for ball games has been slightly increased, and the goalposts painted
  • 4,000 native plants in the garden beds under 13 week establishment period

The Playground

  • Construction is to be completed by mid September
  • Once complete, the site will be 'made good'
  • the playground is expected to re-open in mid-October

Works ahead:

  • replacement fence for the Sandridge Trugo Club
  • Grass refurbishment works
  • New lights - currently in the final stage of design - likely to be delivered later this year or early in 2010

all information thanks to Rebecca Ramage

One road closes, another one opens

The road opening at Swallow/Ross/Byrne was closed today to make way for a new road opening between Swallow and Byrne St.
The road needed to be closed because this is where the Melbourne Main and the Hobsons Bay Main connect.
Melbourne Water people were on site directing traffic.
The road opening provides continued local access.
Any questions about the new link should go to Melanie Beveridge from John Holland Main Sewerage Replacement Project on 24 hour toll free

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bianca 3

The cantilevered balcony overhangs a shop dating back to 1866.
According to news reports, the concrete balcony weighs between 15 and 20 tons.
The absence of traffic brings a strange calm to this usually busy part of Bay St.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bianca 2

People gather to find out what is going on.
Bay St is cordoned off from Rouse St so there are no cars.
It is expected that this section of Bay St will remain closed overnight.

Drama in Bay St at Bianca

Helicopters overhead suggested something was amiss on Bay St at about 4.45 pm
The cantilevered balcony of the Bianca development, shown in this photo, is cracked ('partial failure') and threatening to fall to the building below. Builders and neighbours have been evacuated.
Bay St between Graham and Rouse has been cordoned off by the police and emergency services.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unresolved responsibilities at Beacon Cove

The landscaping between Princes Pier and Beacon Road is looking terrible - the weeds are out of control.

Major Projects Victoria is responsible for this section of the Promenade and First Point Park, next to the town houses.

Council is negotiating with Major Projects Victoria to find ways of expediting maintenance of the foreshore areas without incurring undue cost burden to the residents of the City fo Port Phillip. Until this is resolved these areas remain the responsibility of Major Projects Victoria.

You may wish to forward any concerns you have to Major Projects Victoria, Level 8/121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000, by phone 9655 8522 or

One crane down ...

The crane at 242 Rouse St (cnr Rouse/Stokes) came down this weekend. Bianca's remains in place.
I hope this brings some relief to Rouse St residents and we can begin talking about serious improvements to that section of Rouse St.