Saturday, July 31, 2010

'The prize is unbelievably worth fighting for'

This is is how Gary Ayres exhorted his players at three quarter time. The prize was won when the Borough defeated Collingwood 14 21 105 to 11 16 82

Morning walk 3

Very glad to see the refurbishment of the Rotunda is now complete. The timber uprights supporting the dome have been replaced.
The slight elevation, the shelter and the circular shape are pleasing attributes of the Rotunda which contribute to it being well used.

Morning walk 2

A less happy sighting was the amount of fishing line left along the Webb Dock path.

Morning walk 1

As well as the three cormorants seen here, blue wrens could be heard along the length of the Webb Dock path.

The Webb Dock East path was created arising from a recommendation of the Webb Dock Environment Effects Study into the extension of Webb Dock in the late '80s.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a pair

It is amazing that these splendid birds have taken such strong hold in this inner urban environment, and have become a part of the everyday landscape.
This pair was photographed outside the Port Melbourne Yacht Club today by correspondent Cathy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fire at the Hibernian

Saw two fire engines in attendance when I went past the Hibernian on Sunday evening. Apparently it started with a fire in the kitchen of the restaurant. The upstairs rooms have had to be vacated. 

The Hibernian was built in 1868. Originally a rough structure on the corner of two newly built streets - Ross and the extension of Graham - it suffered a serious fire in 1871. The Hibernian and the Clare Castle are the last Port Melbourne hotels found west of the railway. 
[source Chartered Scoundrels: A brief history of Port Melbourne hotels by Pat Grainger] available from the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society

Planes pollarded

The London Plane trees along Williamstown Road have been pollarded, a form of pruning that regenerates growth to establish a canopy.
The high voltage transmission lines along Williamstown Road are low. Safe clearances are required by Energy Safe Victoria to be maintained for the safety of the tree pruning crews.
Since the transmission lines provide industries throughout Port Melboure with power, the power companies are reluctant to shut the lines down while pruning is undertaken.
In the background, the 'quartets' built in 1940 - nine blocks of four units each, built to respond to the acute shortage of decent housing at that time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The lagoon in our landscape

New signs have been installed at Lagoon Pier by Parks Victoria.

Lagoon Pier is another reference - in addition to Lagoon Reserve, Esplanades East and West - to the lagoon which defined the early life of Sandridge.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So close!

'The Port players left the ground drenched in disappointment' after losing to North Ballarat by 4 points. The winning goal was kicked just minutes before the final siren.
Port remains 4th on the ladder. [Paul Amy Herald Sun]

At last!

The prominent corner of Bay and Rouse St is getting fitted out by tenant I Frame after being vacant for many years.
They have been operating opposite Readings.
They plan to conduct their framing business in association with a coffee shop.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Along the Esplanade edge

A generous gathering of people who love Lagoon Reserve, accompanied by some 'dogs of character', put in several hundred plants this morning. Light rain this afternoon created optimum conditions for the plants to settle in.
This is the third annual planting at the Reserve.

Go Borough!

Port play North Ballarat at 2 pm at TEAC Oval today, after defeating the Casey Scorpions last weekend.
Port Melbourne is 5th on the ladder going into the game, having played 13 games, won 9 and lost 4.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Not a good look for Rouse St

This poor tree in Rouse St has been condemned to be a heavy
smoker. No wonder it doesn't look that healthy.
I cleaned them up this morning because I can't stand walking past it.

On 'The Edge' of Esplanade West

Neighbours of Lagooon Reserve invite people to join their third annual neighbourhood planting tomorrow Saturday 24th July from 10 to 12 noon.
From a Reserve devoid of vegetation until the eighties, the edges of the former Lagoon are now filling up with locally indigenous plants such as casaurinas and coast banksias.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Suggesting improvements to the Bay/Liardet intersection

I am so glad that options are being designed to improve the safety of the Bay/Liardet intersection, identified by most people in Port Melbourne as unsafe and frustrating to cross - especially for pedestrians.
Any design will be subject to VicRoads approval as this is an arterial road, managed by VicRoads (and not the Council).
Click here to find out about the options being considered and to fill out a survey.
A meeting to present the options for your consideration and improvement will be held at the Port Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday 4 August from 6 to 7.30 pm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trees - the Liardet Centre and Lagoon Reserve

Some of the most significant trees associated with the proposed Liardet St children's centre are actually outside the boundary of the proposed centre and will therefore be retained. This beautiful specimen tree is outside the boundary and will be protected and retained.

The trees to be retained and protected are
  • eight street trees on Liardet St
  • seven trees within Lagoon Reserve and
  • fourteen trees within the site

A landscape plan is also required to be developed to increase the landscape quality of the proposal, provide shade to play areas and soften the appearance of the building.

Planting banksias in Beacon Cove

This perhaps over-wide nature strip on Beach St in Beacon Cove will be improved through the planting of a second line of banksia integrifolia, our local coastal banksia.
These houses, between Princes St and the light rail, were the first to be built in the Beacon Cove estate. Contrast the generous nature strips here with those built towards the end of the project where the houses are hard up against Beach Street.

Beacon Cove asset handover progress

Sanding, painting and making good the light poles on the foreshore promenade at Beacon Cove.
This is a positive part of the preparation for the handover of remaining assets in Beacon Cove from Major Projects Victoria to the City of Port Phillip.
At this time responsibility for the Beacon Cove Promenade rests with Major Projects Victoria.

Catching up on Port Focus

Eucalypt aromatherapy along Sandridge Beach this morning as mulch was being spread under this sculptural stand of trees.
Works are well underway on the pathways, lights, and playground with completion expected in August.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Next step taken towards an integrated children's centre on Liardet Street

Tonight Council resolved to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit for the use of the land at 85 Liardet Street and 186 Esplanade West for the purpose of an 85 childcare centre and 50 place kindergarten and the removal of native vegetation.

Click here for the full council report.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking towards Williamstown

Sunny one day, stormy the next - that's Melbourne. The sun highlighted the foreshore vegetation against the dark sea and sky.

Rugging up to watch the footy at Murphy's Reserve

This coming Wednesday 14th July between 4 and 8, the pavilion at Murphy's Reserve on Williamstown Road will be open to hear your views about Murphy's Reserve - what you like and don't like, and your ideas for its future.
Even if you never go to Murphy's Reserve, it would be interesting to find out why you don't see it as a park for you and what might entice you there in the future.
There was a strong plea for shelter at today's game as the wind howled across the ground.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Council meeting at Port on 12 July 2010

The Council meeting will be held at the Port Melbourne Town Hall this Monday 12th. The meeting will acknowledge the significant 150th birthday of Sandridge becoming a Borough in 1850.

The Port item is a recommendation to place updated Guidelines for the Garden City Estate and Fishermans Bend out for consultation.

from the summary:
'... specific changes and updates are proposed in order to clarify the intent and effectiveness in protecting the heritage significance of those estates. ...
All owners of affected properties will be advised in writing of the updated guidelines and provided with an opportunity to comment on the revised guidelines.'

Click here for the full council reports.

Cold but beautiful morning

The sun shining on the timber piles at Prince Pier made them appear almost silver.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Help improve cycling in Port Phillip

The Council, with Bicycle Victoria, is conducting a survey to find out about bike riders' experience of cycling in Port Phillip. The responses to the Bikescope survey will help the Council plan for cycling.

Please encourage cyclists you know to participate.

Click here to access the survey or pass on the link

Happy 150th!

The 13th July marks the sesquicentenary - that is 150 years - since Sandridge became a Borough.

To celebrate this venerable occasion, the Council with the Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society are putting on a splendid exhibition. I know because I have had a glimpse of it emerging.

Former mayors line the walls of the upstairs hallway and you may recognise the provenance of familar street names such as Howe Parade and Salmon Street. There are interesting views of Sandridge in the 1870s which show how the Borough was developing at that time.

And the mayor's a room is hung with pastel postcards that show the prominent life the piers have played in the life of Port Melbourne.

Do visit the exhibition at the Port Melbourne Town Hall. The official opening is on Tuesday 13th at 10.30 am.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swallow and Ariell

Something I love about this deep winter is the light effect on buildings in the late afternoon.
Now you would know this building is usually grey but tonight Swallow & Ariell was illuminated pink.

Whale sighting

Did you see whales in the bay today? Read a report here from people living in Beacon Cove who did.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Port goes down to Coburg

In spite of Gary Ayres urging players to surge in the final quarter, Port lost to Coburg by 21 points. In his words: 'We were ok in patches, but it's fair to say they were the better side for most of the game.' Herald Sun
Port Melbourne 3.2 8.6 10.10 14.12 (96)
Coburg Tigers 4.2 9.4 14.6 18.9 (117)

Sirius returns to Station Pier

HMAS Sirius is escorted back to Station Pier this morning.
It is destined for Hawaii once its engine trouble is fixed.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Budget approval means projects can proceed

The Council budget for 2010/2011 has now been adopted. That means that some long awaited projects have now got commitment to go ahead.
  • Top of my list, as it is with many people, is making safety improvements to the Bay/Liardet intersection [$150,000].

  • $400,000 has been set aside to improve the streetscape of Rouse St, west of Bay St

  • $30,000 has been allocated for traffic calming in Bridge St, west of the Railway line

  • raised pavements will be installed at the intersection of Clarke and Poolman Sts to make it safer for children to cross to Port Melbourne Primary

Consultation will occur in due course on all these projects now the funding has been secured.

Please refer to more detailed posts between 10th and 15th May 2010 on Port Melbourne initiatives in the Port Phillip Council budget.

Sandridge will be ready for summer

Paths, lights, a new playground and toilets are being installed at Sandridge.
The orange marker shows where the lights will be placed along the length of the Sandridge foreshore path. Better lighting was identified as a priority by the community.
These works will complete the Sandridge masterplan and expend the budget allocated to it.
Works already completed include the timber wall, bins and water fountains, and the cycle path.