Thursday, September 6, 2012

It all adds up - our collective waste, recycling and resource recovery

In Port Phillip, between July 1 2011 and June 30 2012*
  • The total household waste collected from kerbside waste and sent to landfill was 21,173 tonnes with 36,896 bins collected each week. 11,675 tonnes of household recycling was collected from 37,117 bins each week.
  • The Resource Recovery Centre collected and recycled 10.86 tonnes of e-waste, 1.2 tonnes of batteries, 1.2 tonnes of paint, 242 kilograms of light globes, 3,700 litres of used car oil, 108 tonnes of metals, 1,246 mattresses and 520 tonnes of green waste
source: Draft 2011/12 Annual Report
* these figures are for the whole of the City of Port Phillip

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